Pharmacy weight loss treatments can be helpful for those who are obese and who have difficulty losing weight from diet and exercise alone. These treatments are most effective when taken in conjunction with a restricted diet and steady exercise, as advised by a healthcare or weight loss professional.

Though many chain pharmacies offer weight loss treatments, Crestview Pharmacy’s weight loss treatments are efficient, longer lasting, and more cost effective than commercially available medications. Our treatments also run a lower risk of side effects than commercially available medications do, so you can rest assured that Crestview prioritizes safety, value, and quality in our treatments.

Crestview’s weight loss division specializes in three types of pharmaceutical treatments: combined phentermine and chromium and generic phentermine. Each has different uses and benefits, some of which are outlined below. Crestview’s pharmacists use compounding methods to customize our treatments to our patients’ unique physical needs. We carefully consider our patients’ dietary habits, exercise regimes, and personal health history and communicate directly with patients and their physicians, physical trainers, diet trainers, and other healthcare and weight loss professionals.

Phentermine Treatments

Phentermine is a medically proven appetite suppressant that helps patients feel fuller for longer in order to help them comply with rigid weight loss diets and exercise routines. Phentermine also increases heart rate and stimulates blood flow, so it is particularly useful for patients who suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes in addition to obesity.

Our phentermine treatments are a generic form of the commercially available Adipex, which is the most widely prescribed obesity medication in the US. At Crestview, our generic phentermine treatments are far more cost effective than Adipex treatments at chain pharmacies. Though the medication contents are the same, Crestview’s phentermine patients can expect to save between 30% to 65% on our generic phentermine treatments compared to Adipex. Additionally, our phentermine treatment is formulated as an extended-release sublingual tablet, which results in higher absorption and longer duration of action in a single dosage than other dosage forms, such as Adipex pills.

Phentermine and Chromium Treatments

Chromium is an essential trace mineral involved in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism and is combined with picolinic acid to enhance absorption. It facilitates the action of insulin, improves glycemic control in diabetes, improves body composition by helping to maintain Lean Body Mass (LBM), and increases the rate of glucose and amino acid uptake in muscle cells2. Phentermine, as mentioned above, is an appetite suppressant, which is helpful for withstanding temptations when dieting.

A combined phentermine and chromium treatment is the best of both worlds, integrating the useful effects of both phentermine and chromium. This treatment has been proven to exhibit diminished adverse symptomatology or side effects1, such as increased heart rate, tingling or prickling feelings in the hands or feet, dry mouth, sleeplessness, and nervousness. Crestview pharmacists formulate the phentermine and chromium treatment as an extended-release sublingual tablet, which results in higher absorption and longer duration of action in a single dosage than other dosage forms.

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2Willoughby et al, Body Composition Changes in Weight Loss: Strategies and Supplementation for Maintaining Lean Body Mass, a Brief Review.  Nutrients 2018, 10, 1876; doi:10.3390/nu10121876.

We recognize that our patients may have a wide range of physical mobilities, as well as limited time and competing priorities. For your convenience, Crestview offers at-home delivery services — via mail, delivery vehicle or other means based on geographic proximity and/or patient preference — to ensure that you get your medication as quickly and easily as possible. For in-store or drive thru pick-up, please see business our hours and locations.

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