Drug Compounding Services

Compounding medication gives physicians the ability to create treatment protocols tailored to their patients’ needs

Drug compounding is the art of preparing medications from scratch to produce a custom product that improves upon the existing medications by understanding the unique needs of patients and physicians. At Crestview, our compounded medicine is developed through a process of close collaboration and consultation between the patient, physician, and our pharmacists.

When preparing a compounded medication prescription your doctor will consult with Crestview’s pharmacists to determine the best formula and method of delivery. Our methods are not the generic, one-size-fits-all approaches adopted by traditional chain pharmacies. We are here to help when the unique medications that you need aren’t available on the market from chain pharmacies, they don’t exist at your prescribed dose, or they require a special delivery method. Crestview’s certified pharmacists and technicians use mortars, pestles, and digital scales to meticulously hand-make compounded medications to best match our patients’ individual prescriptions and preferences.

Crestview uses only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients purchased from the country’s leading chemical companies to create your custom compounded medication. We can flavor your child’s medication for better palatability, produce a dye-free or preservative-free form of medication, enable people to access custom veterinary medication that is not readily available on the market, and more. Some patients may have medical or personal reasons that make traditional medicine forms or methods unsuitable. Specialty compounded medications are a fitting alternative to traditional medications because they can be delivered in a variety of options, including topical creams, suppositories, sublingual tablets, liquids, and more to accommodate your needs.

We recognize that our patients may have a wide range of physical mobilities, as well as limited time and competing priorities. For your convenience, Crestview offers at-home delivery services — via mail, delivery vehicle or other means based on geographic proximity and/or patient preference — to ensure that you get your medication as quickly and easily as possible. For in-store or drive thru pick-up, please see our business hours and locations.

Let us show you how Crestview’s compounding division can help enhance your therapeutic outcome by listening to your individual needs. Contact us today!